Scopes of Work We Perform

Division 7

We have evolved into a Specialty company, Standing Seam & Low Slope Commercial Roofing was the starting point 15 years ago, but now with our “Fabrication and Machining” skills in Rainscreen Wall systems, not only do we cover all aspects of Division 7, we give the general contractor the peace of mind of sole sourcing numerous specification sections into one single subcontract. We give the General Contractor the ability to eliminate coordination of trade issues because we perform the entire exterior building envelope, with the exception of Brick and Glass.

Section 054003

Section 070150.19

Section 074113.16

Section 074213.13

Section 074213.16

Section 074213.53

Section 074243

Section 074253

Section 074800

Section 075619

Section 075216

Section 075323

Section 075419

Section 075423

Section 076200

Section 077100

Section 077129

Section 077200

Section 079200

– Continuous Insulation (CI) Framing System

– Preparation for RE-Roofing

– Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

– Formed Metal Wall Panels

– Ornamental Metal Plate Wall Panels

– Metal Soffit Panels

– Metal Composite Material Wall Panels

– Wood-Faced (Phenolic) Composite Panels

– Rainscreen Attachment System

– Steel Siding

– (SBS) Modified Bituminous Membrane Roofing

– (EPDM) Roofing

– (PVC) Roofing

– (TPO) Roofing

– Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim

– Roof Specialties

– Manufactured Roof Expansion Joints

– Roof Accessories

– Joint Sealants